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Sea urchins and finger limpets
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Sea urchins and finger limpets
Feasting like royalty on a peasants budget

Forget about caviar, oysters and champagne. Let your taste buds come alive by introducing them to sea urchins and finger limpets on the enchanting islands of Mathraki , Othoni and Ereikousa.

Consider for a moment, setting sail for a week to sun bathed islands surrounded by crystal clear waters, where the only inhabitants are of the finned and feathered persuasion. Mathraki, Othoni and Ereikousa islands possess a pristine elegance yet unblemished by mankind and prove naturally awe Ė inspiring for the more ambitious tourist.

These islands are also a haven for hidden delicacies such as sea urchins and finger limpets.  You will find these hidden treasures are hidden in waiting pools waiting to be picked. The floors of the embellished and impressive rocks of the islands are filled with sea urchins and finger limpets. Finger limpets are camouflaged right on the rock just picking them is half the fun. Although Iíve been doing this all my life, I still anticipate the moment when I will do it again and I love it .The best time to collect them is in the morning hours before it gets to hot.

All you need to equip yourself with is a sharp knife, lemon, olive oil and fresh bread and your set. If you have a problem the locals will be more than happy to assist you out even prepare it for you. To collect finger limpets you must look closely on the rocks, when you find a finger limpet you place your knife underneath the shell and you pop it up and the finger limpet comes out. You will need two in order to take the first one out,(hmmm) canít you almost taste fresh sea water in your mouth.

Once you have collected your sea urchins open them at the mouth with your knife, make the opening large enough to dip your bread. (You must shake out any black gatherings inside the shell) (When you pop out the mouth you can absorb the seawater ) Your taste buds will be dancing !) When done pour oil and lemon deep your bread and eat the roe. If you canít get all the roe out you can use a teaspoon, I do sometimes.  Now you canít get any fresher than this.  this all my life and I still anticipate the moment when I will do it again.

Hereís a traditional Sea food dish with Finger limpet and sea snails recipe. I guarantee you will not find this recipe in a restaurant. This is another one of my momís specialty dishes.

* This recipe needs patience and trial and error.

1 pound finger limpets
1 pound sea snails (the bigger the better)
1 thin needle (for snails)
1 package Uncle Benís rice
Ĺ teaspoon oregano
Olive oil
2 garlic pieces
1 big Spanish onion
1 big tomato
2- 3 glasses of water
Salt and pepper to taste


First you boil your finger limpets, they come right out of their shell as soon as the first boil takes place. When done you strain them and take out all unnecessary shells set aside in a dish.

Secondly, boil your snails Ė when first two boils occur, leave in pot and take them off the stove place them on a table. Slowly take a few at a time out and with a needle, very carefully take the snail out and place them on a clean plate.  When done set aside until ready to use.

Thirdly, you cut up your tomato, onion and garlic. You sautť your onions, tomato, garlic pieces together with your snails add oregano, a pinch of salt and pepper to taste.  Lastly add your water and let boil on medium heat. Sauce is ready when it has thickened.

While sauce is boiling you boil your white rice, using a small Greek coffee cup as a measurement, equals 1 serving per person.  (this cup resembles a small mug)  Strain your rice from the water return to pot and add a little butter stir and serve.

When all is ready and cooked place rice in a plate then the savory Sea food sauce on top, mark my words pure heaven. Serve with a gold beer. Makes me hungry just writing about it! KALE  OREXI ( Have a hearty  appetite !)

by Magdaline Makris


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